About Amar Shakti Clinic

Amar Shakti Clinic is a world-class practice with expertise in eye care and obstectrics and gynaecology, a safe haven where patients walk into a compassionate and caring environment and are treated with cutting edge technology in the field of medicine.

Established in the year 2020, Amar Shakti Clinic has been built from ground up by Dr Aditya Sharma (MS Opthalmology) and Dr Priyanka Sharma (MS Obs & Gynae), and today takes pride in running this clinic with a specialized team of qualified doctors, experienced nursing and para medical staff.

What makes Amar Shakti Clinics unique is our firm commitment to our patients. Patient-doctor communication is at the core of our practice. Our constant endeavor is to connect, communicate and empathise with the patient.
Patient education is our forte. We encourage patients to think, to be aware of their own bodies, the changes it undergoes, and take action accordingly for preventative medicine is the future.
We strongly believe in providing hassle free medical attention that cuts bureaucratic procedures and excessive paperwork.
Innovation, investing in the most technologically advanced equipment and providing highest quality care is our mantra. Here, we understand that each patient is unique. We are dedicated to serve them with the best and
empower them to lead healthier lives.

Our Mission

The ‘power to be the change’ we want to see in the world of medicine is the reason we christened our clinic, ‘Amar Shakti’. Not only is it an ode to the legacy of my grandfather, Late Sri Amarnath Shastri (Padma Shri, physician to the then Prime Minister Giani Zail Singh, Director Ayurveda Government of Punjab in 1980s, and founder of Amar Shakti Chikitsa Anusundhaan in Patiala and Chandigarh in the 1960s), it’s a way of life, the very essence of which defines our work, ideology and vision.

“Kwachit Dharma, Kwachit Maitri, Kwachit Artha, Kwachit Yash !
Karma – Abhyaas Kwachitte Chikitsa Nasti Nisphala”- the work of a physician never goes wasted.

Our vision is to create a multi-specialty hospital that caters to the northern states of India, and to make Amar Shakti Clinics a synonym for trust.


Our Values

  • Empower lives with medical awareness
  • Provide safe and state of the art care
  • Uncompromising integrity

  • Transparency in our working
  • Compassion for those we serve
  • Commitment to the patient and the medical profession
  • Use of time-tested and latest skill & knowledge
  • Follow ethical & responsible code of conduct


Amar Shakti Clinics is a one stop clinic in eye and gynae care offering a multitude of affordable medical services employing safest and effective technology, all prioritizing patient care.

We have out-patient, in-patient, surgical day-care treatment facilities and employ highest standard of eye care and gynae procedures and solutions.


All the issues related to your eye are solved here. We strive to offer bespoke diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders.


We are house to the most proficient team of gynecologists who strives to offer the most compassionate obstetric services.


Apart from telemedicine, we also offer our patients the convenience to visit our faculty and avail of our services face-to-face.


Our proficient in-house lab is designed for offering the safest and the most reliable practices. Utmost caution is what we thrive for.


We strive to offer hassle-free distribution of health-related services and information via telecom technologies.


We offer best in class services not just for Tricity but also for our national and international patients.

Wheelchair lift

We strive to offer to make it easier for physically disabled people to reach us, a stair-climbing wheelchair is installed within our faculty.


Advised surgery but yet still confused. We can help you by offering a second opinion. Just submit your brief history and we will revert in 2-3 days.


We are a dedicated team of doctors who strive to offer the most compassionate services to our patients.

We take pride in maintaining a thoughtful connection with them and offering solutions to their health issues.


We are a dedicated team of doctors who strive to offer the most compassionate services to our patients.

We take pride in maintaining a thoughtful connection with them and offering solutions to their health issues.


We take pride in offering the most proficient and advanced ophthalmological



Cataract surgery is the most effective treatment for cataracts. And we strive to offer our services with the utmost compassion.

Consult our doctors to know more.


Our doctors offer the most compassionate obstetrics care to our patients. The best thing is the fact that we respect the privacy of our patients.

Get in touch with us for complete obstetrics care.


Long gone are the days when a full-thickness transplant was the only option for corneal disease.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a shift toward disease-focused surgeries. And there are now several options to choose from when matching a procedure to a patient. We strive to offer customized medical procedures to our clients.


With the ever-advancing technology, it has become a whole lot easier to get your vision corrected

Our laser treatments are totally safe and our success rates have hit the roof in the last few years.


With a team of highly-qualified and skilled doctors, we operate on our patients to remove all or certain parts of the uterus depending on the problem. This need may arise due to uterine fibroids causing bleed, cancer of the uterus, thickening of the uterus or because of endometriosis. The different surgical techniques are used for safe and effective treatment of the problem.


If you are longing to be a mother for a long time now but something is hampering your dreams, consult us.

We offer complete obstetric diagnosis and medically-proven solutions.

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Jaspreet kaur

During my first pregnancy, I was very worried about my health and baby. But, my friend suggested me about the doctor and then I went there. My experience was very great as I was treated as a family by the doctor. I delivered a baby girl on 28th September 2019 and it was cesarean delivery. There was no problem during the delivery. My diet plan was also good and moreover, my baby was very well and healthy.
Thanks for your care. Now I will recommend you in the future and tell others about you. Truthfully, I give you a 100% rating.
Thanks, Dr. Priyanka


Dr. Priyanks is truly an exceptional doctor. She is very nice, polite and soft-spoken. She is any time available for her patients. Her attention and dedication were the same high level during my first consultation, as it was during my all appointment. She is very intelligent. I would strongly recommend everyone to consult her. Dr. Priyanka's nature is very sweet.

I really thank her for being such a wonderful doctor and moreover a personal guide where she helped in all the ways very calmly and sweetly

Thanks a lot, Mam!.

Priya Bansal

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are doing well. f you come across this piece of writing I think you are facing some problems related to eyes. So trust me you are in the right hands and in a safe place.

I want to share my own story with you. Five years back, because of my studies and bad mobile habits, I get spectacles. My whole life revolved around my glasses. So one fine day I decided to get rid of this problem and I went AmarShakti clinic and met Dr. Aditya Sharma and trust me I never felt that I was meeting him for the first time. I had millions of queries regarding my eyes and procedure and the way he answered them was amazing. Finally, the day comes and I want fir treatment.

So in some time, my treatment was done and the way my eyes recovered was incredible. He made my dream of glass-free vision come true. Also, he has an incredible staff and he's the best doctor I've ever met.

All the best


Dr. Priynanka is very sweet and explains all things very softly and talk very sweet and softly. Thank you so much, ma'am, for feel very good during my pregnancy period and give me such a sweet gift of my life.
Ma'am, You made me feel very comfortable & safe during my first experience of my life.


During my first pregnancy, I consulted Dr. Priyanka Hans Sharma and I am very much happy with her treatment. I delivered a baby boy on 6th April 2010. It was cesarean delivery. Great Experience. She is a very nice Doctor. I'll never forget this moment because some Doctors have very rude behavior or nature. So I give 100/100 Rating to my Doctor.


My experience with Dr. Priyanka has been very sound and I really appreciate
the fact she listens & she makes patients feel quite comfortable. On top of that, she understands that it's not important to just see the patient but to also have a comfortable relationship with them. It is the same with the fact that if I'm concerned about something related to my health, I can give her a call immediately & she gets back to me and addresses my concerns there and then.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Priyanka, especially for her demeanor and her attitude, and caring nature towards her patients.

Jasbeer Singhal

My name is Jasbeer Singhal, I'm from Derabasi. My eye was severely damaged, I wasn't able to see. I got an eye surgery done and by the grace of the Doctor, I'm now able to see clearly.


If you are looking for bespoke and compassionate services related to ophthalmology and gynecology,

get in touch with us or visit our clinic!


First Floor, SCF 33,
Inner Market, Sector 7-C,
Chandigarh, 160019


Mobile: 7087900177 , 9878122227
Landline: 0172-4623798


    Eye health is a key indicator of general health. In order to keep a check on his patients, Dr Aditya works on building long lasting relationship with them across the country, especially those with chronic conditions.
    Dr Aditya hails from a family of Sanskrit Scholars and Ayurvedacharyas. His grandfather was PadmaShri Vaidya Amar Nath Shastri, and his parents are accomplished Ayurvedic physicians.
    He considers himself as a corneoplastique surgeon whose sole purpose is to provide excellent vision to the patient no matter how complicated the case. His previous experience of working at high volume surgical centres gives him an edge over peers and enables him to help people in remote areas of Himachal Pradesh, India by performing on-site surgeries in collaboration with the National Health Mission.
    Whether you are looking for the treatment for cataract surgery, dry eyes, LASIK, Keratoconus & Cornea Transplantation, Dr Aditya is your eye specialist.
    He is an active member of multiple ophthalmic societies in India.
    He has a keen interest in psychoanalysis, and is a voracious reader, especially of ancient scriptures.


      • Sadguru Netra Chikitsalya

    Fellowship in Cornea & Cataract, Opthalmology (2013-2016)

      • Government Medical College Patiala

    Master of Surgery, Opthalmology Residency Program (2010-2013) )

      • Government Medical College Amritsar

    Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery – MBBS, MBBS (2002-2008)

    • Keratoconus management
    • Corneal transplant surgeries
    • Refractive surgeries

    Outreach – Local and National Work

    As Co-founder of Amar Shakti Clinics and presently serving as Medical Director at the organization, Dr. Aditya is serving the areas of Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal & Jammu in the field of Cornea and Ocular Surface disease along with Premium Cataract Surgery.
    Practicing since 2013, Dr. Aditya had been a mentee of some of the brilliant people in the field of Ophthalmology at various prestigious institutes like Government Medical College Patiala, Sadguru Netra Chikitsalya, Chitrakoot and Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, collecting an experience of more than 10,000 surgeries only during his fellowship period.
    “I am passionate about teaching and learning, for it helps me evolve as a surgeon, as a doctor and keeps me up to date with new techniques, innovation, which phenomenally increases options in visual healthcare for patients.” – Dr Aditya


    Dr Aditya is early adopter of new equipment, lenses and technology, and keeps honing his skill to benefit his patients. He believes that ‘the biggest barrier in building a strong doctor patient relation is the lack of systematic communication between the doctor and patient and proper patient education and awareness’. Keeping this core value in mind, he is on a mission to make Amar Shakti Clinics a symbol of trust.
    “I am focused on upholding ethical standards in the industry, investing my time and expertise in patient care and education so that they are empowered with knowledge of their bodies, and medical options available to them.” – Dr Aditya
    Honest and generous, he is joined in his mission and vision by his family whom he loves to spend time with.

    “I know what it’s like to go through a high risk pregnancy because I’ve survived one,” says Dr Priyanka, mother to a beautiful daughter. On her journey to motherhood, Dr Priyanka’s belief in reaching out to women strengthened even more. She feels that we fail to prioritise women’s health, and seldom initiate dialogue or circulate information and options to girls and women on something as natural as mensuration, menopause, or infertility, gestational diabetes, or issues like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. She is therefore dedicated to adopting a holistic, comprehensive approach and care in her practice, consciously working closely with women who have high and low risk pregnancies.
    Daughter of a surgeon herself, she has always aspired to be a surgeon. “But opting for gynaecology was a conscious decision because nothing compares to bringing a beautiful life into the world. It’s the greatest gift, to see a woman become a mother, a man a father and with this little baby, a family,” says Dr Priyanka.
    Highly respected for her surgical skill, judgement, speed and compassion, Dr Priyanka is still remembered at her institute for saving three extremely complex cases in one night.
    She also takes a keen interest in teaching/mentoring her juniors and staff, a quality she has imbibed from her mother who is dedicated to educating the rural kids in villages around Amritsar, Punjab.
    ​“I am of the firm belief that the biggest barrier in building a strong doctor patient relation is the lack of systematic communication between the doctor and patient and proper patient education and awareness.” Off practice, Dr Priyanka loves cooking and spending time with her daughter and family.
    She is an active member of FOGSI, IMA, ISAR and AOGD. She also practices at Ivy Hospital, Mohali.

    Areas of expertise

    • Infertility Management
    • Normal, Painless/Cesarean Deliveries
    • High-risk Pregnancy Care
    • Comprehensive Obstetrical Checkups
    • All Major Surgical Interventions
    • Gynecological Checkups


    • Government Medical College, Amritsar MBBS (2002-2007)
    • Internship – One Year
    • House job in GMS, Chandigarh – One Year
    • VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, MS Gynae (2010-13)
    • VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, Senior Residency (2013-16)

    Outreach – Local and National Work

    As a Co-founder of Amar Shakti Clinics and presently serving as Managing Director at the organization, Dr. Priyanka is serving the areas of Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal & Jammu in the field of gynaecological surgeries, catering to the Tricity patients for Obstetrics care and heading the Infertility and IVF at IVY Hospital, Mohali, Punjab.


    Dr Priyanka is committed to women’s health and wellness. She wants to pursue a meaningful career where she can impart medical knowledge and awareness among women, and connect with them and help them make well informed choices about their healthcare needs. She also strives to reach out to women in rural India, and educate young girls on stages like puberty, mensuration etc. She is on her path to make Amar Shakti Clinics a symbol of trust.